Richmond Productions, Inc., specializes in providing stock footage of the marine environment in HD, HDV & SD formats. Our many years of innovative filming techniques from helicopters to submarines have helped us to create a large marine library. Our stock footage includes the marine environments of California, Galapagos, Hawaii, and Mexico, ranging from whales to pinnipeds. Assignments and license footage credits include National Geographic Television, The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, BBC and PBS, to name a few. Much of our filming is in conjunction with the work of world-renowned researchers. Our extensive Marine Stock Library includes the following:
DVD Screener Reels available

Whale Footage ~ Many species are extensively documented, including the world's largest collection of blue whale footage.
Feeding Behaviors [from boats and helicopters]
Mating Behaviors
Mothers & their calves
Acoustic Research & Instrument tags
Whale Rescues
Rescues from net entanglements [topside and underwater]
Rescues of beached whales [i.e., rescue of a 45-foot, 40-ton beached humpback whale]
breaches, spyhopping, fluking, tail-lobbing, pectoral-slapping

Pinnipeds [SealsĀ & Sea Lions] ~ North America / South America & Mexico
Extensive topside & underwater behaviors
Mothers & pups nursing
Rescue from various entanglements
Fighting bulls

Additional Stock Footage
Marine Research
Marine Environments
Offshore Oil Operations
Submarine Diving
Tropical Regions
Kelp Forests
Commercial Fishing
Sea Turtles
Santa Ynez Valley
Vineyards & Wineries

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