Richmond Productions, Inc., is a full-service video production house. We offer a wide variety of in-house services from scripting to camera support, to delivery of a finished program and duplication. Our clients range from energy companies to National Geographic Television, with International production assignments in Japan, Mexico and South America and beyond.

program planning .. research .. script writing ..
filming logistics .. client correspondence

The first step in creating a quality video program begins in pre-production. Our team works closely with the client to develop a program script and resource plan to maximize product use from television broadcast to Web video.

television broadcast camera packages
... director / producer / crew

Richmond Productions, Inc., has the innovative filming experience to handle virtually any shooting assignment, utilizing in-house, state-of-the-art television broadcast production equipment in both SD and HD formats.

in-house television broadcast post-production editing facility...
state-of-the-art uncompressed digital non-linear editing systems

To maximize program quality and versatility, all production material whether in SD, HD or HDV (NTSC or PAL) is digitally captured and edited un-compressed in our television broadcast edit facility. To assure continuity, the program editor is involved from the beginning in the pre-production process through program completion.

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